Highcrest is a world founded on 5/5/2013 by Presidents BlitzzFire and _CreeperFace_. Highcrest has 6 Province's, each Province is ruled by a Governor and the political business is done by The Senator. The Capital of Highcrest is the underwater city Metroplex.

Political SystemEdit

Each Province is ruled by a Governor who reside in the Capital of the province he/she is ruling. A Senator is doing the political business and has meetings in Metroplex once a week with the other Senators. The Governor is chosen every 2months and anybody can try and compete in the elections. People who wants to be Senator needs to have a Political diploma from the Academy, The Senator election is also every 2months

Provinces and CitiesEdit

There are 7 Provinces in Highcrest, each Province is specialized in one thing.


  1. Troressi, Capital: Oribi, Specialty: Parties, Location: In a jungle.
  2. Afigoric, Capital: Fenix, Specialty: House of the jail, Location: In a volcano.
  3. Rekithplex, Capital: Metroplex, Specialty: Industry and Residence of the Presidents, Location: Underwater.
  4. Dwardoveth, Capital: Trajan, Specialty: Mining and training of the army, Location: Under the ground.
  5. Tiladric, Capital: Archangel, Specialty: Province of the Academy, Location: In a desert.
  6. Larendash, Capital: Aragorn, Specialty: Province of Religion, Location: In a Ice-biome.
  7. Ediradus, Capital:Euphoria, Specialty: Province of the Redstoners, Location: In the Air